Attention to detail
As a professional editor and proofreader, I value attention to detail. When proofreading, I take my time to ensure that I haven't let any errors slip through the net, whether it be a spelling mistake or a stray comma. When doing a more thorough edit, I read with great care, considering every sentence from various angles. From factual errors to ambiguous phrasings, from confused timelines to problems with the plot, I take careful notes from start to finish. The same level of detail applies to the queries I send to my clients and the solutions we find along the way.


Good communication is essential to the work I do. Many of the simpler changes I make to my clients’ text, such as correcting spelling mistakes, can be applied without consultation. However, there are often more complex issues that arise as a project progresses, and for this reason I remain in touch with my clients from start to finish. I typically communicate by email, sending queries in batches and implementing the replies as I go. The outcome is a range of carefully considered improvements that meet my client’s needs.

Respect for creativity
As an editor of creative writing, I have great respect for the creative process. This means I respect the writing style of my clients, as well as their need to maintain creative control. My aim is to assist my clients in bringing their products to fruition, ironing out whatever problems may stand in their way, while allowing their style to assert itself unhindered. At the start of any project, I discuss the level of intervention with which the client is comfortable, and I remain sensitive to this throughout. As an avid creative writer myself, I can put myself in my clients' shoes.


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