Fewer mistakes
The most obvious benefit of having a professional go through your work is the elimination of errors. I'm an expert at spotting mistakes in English-language text, including problems with grammar, spelling, punctuation, vocabulary and phrasing. In addition, I can catch mistakes in consistency, such as with confused timelines or the eye colour of particular characters. In short, I’ll ensure your manuscript – whether it be a novel or a travel diary – is as clean as possible before publishing. And I’ll do all of this while being sensitive to your writing style.

Good English

Clear messages

Objective feedback
Creative writers can benefit from some objective feedback on their work, allowing them to see how it might be received by their target audience. Writers are often very clear about what they want to say, but not so sure whether their readers will get the message. My copy-editing service can help with this, providing feedback on such issues as ambiguity of phrasing, confusing plot lines and inconsistencies in character development. By providing this sort of feedback, I act as a guinea pig for the creative writer, allowing adjustments to be made before publishing.

Get published
Generally speaking, creative writers are aiming to get published. Having a manuscript that is properly edited and error-free helps enormously. Those seeking to impress an agent, publisher or editor will need to ensure their manuscript is as good as possible before posting it or clicking on "send". After all, first impressions count. Those seeking to self-publish, meanwhile, will need their work polished before it is presented to the reading public. In such cases, I can do much of the work of a traditional editorial department, filling a gap in your self-publishing set-up.

More trust

Better business

Better business

Getting a book or article published is only part of the business equation. There’s also the question of how the work will be received by its intended audience and those providing reviews. This in turn impacts on sales figures and the sort of reputation an author is able to build. Getting this right means ensuring your work is error-free before publishing, while ironing out any ambiguities or inconsistencies that might leave readers dissatisfied. So, if you’re aiming to build sales over time, it makes sense to hire a professional to help polish your prose.

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